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GovBuilt Platform Features

We worked with Government employees, citizens, and contractors to build a best-in-class software platform to help tomorrow's government be built today

Online Forms

Save time by securely filling out your building permits, applications, and license requests online.


Our customizable workflow and approval process system automates manual tasks streamlining communications saving agencies, business owners, and citizens hundreds of hours per year.

License Module

Our customizable form builder allows constituents to enter contractor, business, mobile food vendor, and other licenses online. Allowing you to track, renew, and interact in our user-friendly web interface.

Reporting Module

A feature-rich user-friendly web interface for building custom reports, dashboards, and ESRI Maps to generate and share dynamic, data-rich reports via PDF, CSV, and other file formats.


Stack parcels and complicated projects, no problems. Create a case placing all related records for the history of the parcel tracking all permits, licenses, inspections, and custom content types.

Status Updates

All agencies, business owners, and citizens can track their projects through completion online at their desk or mobile device.

Print Forms

Ability to print your approved permit and license online saving you and your citizens time and money.

Online Payments

Online Payments saves time and money. GovBuilt can integrate with your payment processor.

Module Creation

The GovBuilt platform is extensible, built on an open architecture, allowing the creation of custom modules giving the agency flexibility for configurations, customizations, and integrations.

Downloadable Forms

Change might be slow for some citizens they can download, fill out the form and bring them in at their leisure. No problems from your end scan it into the system, saving time and money.

About GovBuilt

GovBuilt has over 30 years of government software experience. We worked with government employees, contractors, and citizens to build a best-in-class online solution that streamlines the permitting and licensing process.

At GovBuilt we believe software should do the work allowing the government workers, contractors, and citizens to spend more time doing other tasks. Our workflows, start to finish, are customizable even in building cases. This allows seamless integration with other agencies, business owners and citizens. This transparency allows for the collection and dispersal of project information into the correct hands immediately versus time-consuming followups and wondering what's next.

GovBuilt has 30 years experience

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